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Azov fighters liberate Vilkhivka in Kharkiv region

Some 70 occupiers were killed, 27 were captured.

Azov fighters liberate Vilkhivka in Kharkiv region

On March 26, the territorial defence regiment Azov liberated Vilkhivka village in Kharkiv region from the Russian occupiers, the press center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reported on Telegram. 

“During the offensive operation, the Azov territorial defence regiment liberated Vilkhivka. They killed 70 occupiers and destroyed 3 units of equipment. They captured trophy command-staff vehicles and MT-LB [armored personnel vehicles] and 27 Russians,” the statement says. Azov Kharkiv published a full video on Telegram of them “cleaning up” the village.

On March 26 the Ukrainian military from the 93rd brigade Kholodnyy Yar with territorial defense forces and local partisans liberated the town of Trostyanets in Sumy region from the Russian occupiers. The brigade managed to push the “elite” of the Russian Ground Forces - the Kantemir tank division - out of the town. Russian troops left weapons, equipment, and ammunition behind while fleeing.

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