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Russians raid western part of Mariupol

When no-one opens, they break down the doors of apartments.

Russians raid western part of Mariupol

The sweeps began in the western part of Mariupol which is now under the control of the Russian occupiers.

The Mariupol City Council informed about this.

According to local residents, the Russians began to walk around the apartments of the surviving houses and conduct a "census" of the population.

"When no one opens it, they just break down the door. They conduct searches. They ask the locals who the “Nazis” are, who served in the Armed Forces, who is supporting Ukraine, where their parents live and so on," said the Mariupol residents.

Please be reminded that the French President Emmanuel Macron said on March 25, that he wanted to cooperate with Turkey and Greece and perform a humanitarian operation for evacuation of people from Mariupol.

As it became known, about 300 people died as a result of the bomb attack on the Mariupol Drama Theater on March 16.

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