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Yermak: "International security system is broken. Its remnants have buried world order"

Ukraine knows how to build a better system

Yermak: "International security system is broken. Its remnants have buried world order"

Ukraine needs reliable, comprehensive, and binding security guarantees. The world needs such guarantees. Without them, any treaty with russia will be just a truce, temporary and fragile. But to force russia to sign it, we need to hold on. Ukraine is grateful for all the allies that help us. We need a victory.

This was declared by Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andrii Yermak in the column for the Time magazine.

Yermak is certain that lend-lease will help Ukraine to survive, to restore the country's unity. The aggressor will be punished.

Head of the OPU says that the international security system is broken. Its remnants have fallen and buried the world order underneath them. The war in Ukraine is proof of this, and our country is the one who knows how to build a better system.

"The Russian war against Ukraine is a denial of all Westphalian principles. We are denied the right to sovereignty. We are pushed to change our internal politics," Yermak said.

The Ukrainian high-ranking official pointed out that kremlin is now in the forefront of the forces that want to destroy the international relations system. And kremlin has allies.

He reminded that some of the EU countries are still ready to do business with russia.

"Some of the European elites consistently undermine European values in exchange for russian money and energy. We remember how Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy neglected the interests of the whole Europe to strengthen the positions of Germany and France. We remember the NATO Bucharest Summit very well. The refusal to let Ukraine and Georgia in the Alliance was a de facto consent to russian aggression against both countries," noted the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine.

Yermak emphasized that international organizations have demonstrated total inability to stop the aggressor.

Despite this, he is convinced that NATO still has a chance to display responsibility and independence.

"Instead of talking about "doors that are open for everybody" it's high time to open them for Ukraine," stated the Head of the OPU.

"We propose the new collective treaty with security guarantees for Ukraine – as a basis for a collective response to the global security challenges. Obviously, neutrality can`t be the key issue in this treaty. It should ensure the status of Ukraine as democratic, sovereign, and united country, without putting in parentheses the issue of Donbas and Crimea. Terms of ensuring such status are the topic of discussion, but it is clear that both the West and the East have places among the guarantors," the official emphasized.

According to Yermak, in the future Ukrainian security platform will become a basis of the multilateral U-24 format, United for Peace.

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