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Podolyak shared a video from Kherson region: even with the limited resources we push the enemy away

Ukrainians need the long range artillery and high precision потребують далекобійної артилерії та високоточних multiple rocket launchers.

Podolyak shared a video from Kherson region: even with the limited resources we push the enemy away
Photo: Facebook/OC “South”

Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak published a video taken in one of the villages in Kherson region. The militaries on the video tell that to liberate the region Ukraine needs an advantage in long range artillery. 

The village where the video was taken was destroyed by the enemy and the russian positions are now three-four kilometers from it.

“They (russians - editor) did not come here to fight for something. They came here to destroy everything. This is the essence of ‘russian world’, this is the essence of what they are going to do in Ukraine. They are not going to let us live in peace. If we don’t end this war in the right way, - and the only right way to end this war is to chase all the russians away from Ukrainian territory, - they will continue doing this with us over and over again,” - insisted Podolyak. 

Andriy Kovalchuk, the commander of “South”, informs that russians are outnumbering the Ukrainian forces in terms of long range weapons. However, even considering the lack of long range artillery, Ukrainian defenders are pushing the enemy back.

The defenders are missing the heavy long range artillery and multiple rocket launching systems to minimize the losses.

“We’ll do everything once we have the weapons. Our guys are gonna do everything. 70 or 100 range and everything will be fixed,” - said Podolyak.

The US and Great Britain promised to deliver multiple rocket launching systems with a 70-80 km range to Ukraine. The US claimed they will not provide the weapons that can reach targets on russian territory. 

The president Zelensky emphasized that Ukrainians are not going to aim at russian civilians.

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