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Bodies of 396 deceased buried during occupation found in Severodonetsk - Luhansk Regional Military Administration

The occupiers began dismantling the mass graves arranged earlier.

Bodies of 396 victims of Russian aggression were found in Severodonetsk. Searches and abductions continue in the settlements near the city.

In November, the occupiers started to remove the bodies of civilians from the spontaneous graves in Severodonetsk, the Telegram of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration (RM) reported.

The message stressed that until May, the lawful authorities buried all the found dead and those who died of natural causes in the cemetery near Lisova Dacha. Spontaneous burials were organized by the occupiers after they had captured the city.

"If earlier the residents of Severodonetsk, which still has no heating, hoped to spend the winter in the surrounding villages, recently it has become extremely dangerous to go there. Mass searches are taking place in Borivske and Shchedryshcheve, the occupiers are confiscating mobile phones, some people are being taken away in an unknown direction," the RMA noted.

About 30 people were taken from Smolyanynove alone. The empty houses of this settlement, as well as of Novoakhtyrka, are given to partially mobilised Russians.

The RMA reported that in Lysychansk the defence forces attacked a unit of the Ahmat battalion. The occupiers' losses amounted to over 30 killed and up to 15 wounded.

"They definitely won't try to capture Bilohorivka now, another enemy attack was repelled by the Armed Forces on 6 November," the statement reads.

Severodonetsk was occupied after long and heavy fighting in June.

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