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Russians blow up Ukrainian communication towers in Kherson Region – intel

Looting is happening on a large-scale on the western bank of the Dnipro river.

Russians blow up Ukrainian communication  towers in Kherson Region – intel
Photo: National Police in Kherson Region

The Russians blew up mobile communication towers of Ukrainian operators in at least two villages in Kherson Region, and plan to extend the curfew in order to covertly bring new forces to the right bank, the Ukrainian Defence Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate has said.

"In the villages of Olhivka and Tokarivka, the occupiers blew up mobile communication towers of Ukrainian operators. People are also warned about the introduction of a curfew during the day. The curfew is expected to be extended to covertly bring new forces to the right bank," it said.

At the same time, the Russians send text messages to residents of Kherson Region who use mobile services of Russian operators. They claim the Ukrainian Armed Forces plan to carry out a massive artillery shelling of civilian infrastructure, which is why it is necessary to evacuate to the left, eastern bank.

The Ukrainian intelligence warns that there is a high probability of provocative shelling of residential areas by the occupiers in the coming days, which they would blame on the Ukrainian defence forces.

In addition, the intelligence reports that for three days, columns of military equipment of the Russian Armed Forces have been moving through the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant from the direction of Kozatske village in the direction of Tsukury village (from the western to the eastern bank of the Dnipro). Most of the vehicles are tented trucks and civilian vehicles packed with looted property. In addition to household appliances, the occupiers are massively taking out plastic double-glazed windows.

Mass looting is taking place in the settlements of the western bank. In particular, in Beryslav District, the Russians are methodically robbing private homes, shops and warehouses. The property of the Beryslav substation of the district power grid (machinery, equipment, devices, repair materials) was completely looted.

According to the intelligence, in the village of Lyubymivka, the Russian military seized almost all available vehicles: buses, cars, trucks. Local service stations and car parks are completely looted.

Reconnaissance of the area is being conducted along the mouth of the Dnipro river. All documentation has been taken from the local councils of settlements located along the Dnipro river. The occupying commandant's offices are being arranged in the premises.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian radio broadcasting was restored in Kherson. Russian TV channels are no longer broadcast, instead Ukrainian radio Suspilne has become available at 92.00 FM.

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