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Ukrainian air defence downs six missiles, five Shahed drones

All drones were launched from Belarus.

Ukrainian air defence downs six missiles, five Shahed drones
Photo: Air Force Command

The Russian army today launched missiles from Tu-95MS strategic bombers near Volgodonsk. Nine bombers launched up to 18 missiles of the Kh-101 and Kh-555 types.

An enterprise in Dnipro and gas production facilities came under fire, the Ukrainian Air Force Command said on Facebook.

"Four cruise missiles were destroyed in the area of responsibility of the Air Command Centre by the forces and means of the Air Force and Air Defence of the Ground Forces. In addition, all five Shahed-136s that attacked Ukraine from the territory of Belarus were destroyed in the central region," the military noted.

In the southern direction, the air defence of the Air Command South destroyed two Kh-59 cruise missiles.

Russia also fired from artillery and S-300 on front-line settlements.

Twenty-three people were wounded as a result of today's missile attack on Dnipro. One person was wounded in Odesa.

Four missiles were shot down on the outskirts of Kyiv, and as well as some Shahed drones were destroyed in the sky over the capital.

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