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Russians fire over 60 missiles at Ukraine – Ihnat

Various types of missiles were launched, including Kalibr and Kinzhal.

Russians fire over 60 missiles at Ukraine – Ihnat

More than 60 missiles were fired by Russians at Ukraine today, 16 December, RBC-Ukraine reported citing the Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat.

"Traditionally launched from Tu-95 aircraft are X-555 and X-101 missiles. There are also launches of Kalibrs from the Black Sea, S-300 missiles have been fired, too. There are also Tu-22 M3 bombers launching X-22 missiles," he said.

In addition, Kinzhal carriers MiG-31K were spotted in the sky.

This morning, 16 December, Russia once again launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine. The shelling by Russian occupiers damaged energy facilities in eastern and southern Ukraine.

In particular, in Kryvyy Rih, there are casualties as a result of the attack by Russian missiles. Two people have been killed.

During the alarm, there were explosions in three districts of Kyiv. First - in Desnyanskyy, then - in Dniprovskyy, around 9:30 - in Holosiyivskyy. There are also water supply problems in the capital. The underground stopped working.

Hostile targets were also shot down in Kyiv and Poltava regions. There were hits in Kharkiv and Kryvyy Rih. Kharkiv and Poltava are blacked out. This is the second massive Russian missile attack on Ukrainians in December. The previous one took place on 5 December, most of the missiles were shot down.

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