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Third of Kyiv residents have water supply, heating – mayor

Utility companies are busy restoring the services for all capital residents.

Third of Kyiv residents have water supply, heating – mayor
Vitaliy Klitschko

Currently, a third of Kyiv residents have water supply and heating, 40% have power supply, although power outages persist, Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klitschko has said.

"After several critical infrastructure facilities in the capital were damaged, there is a shortage of electricity supply and damage to power grids," he explained.

He added that utility companies are working to restore heating and water supply to all residents of the capital by next morning.

Due to damage to the energy system, subway trains will not run today. Underground stations are working as shelters.

Klitschko stressed that tomorrow buses would be launched in Kyiv to duplicate tram routes. The city will also organize the movement of buses that will partially duplicate the subway routes.

The mayor noted that private transport companies in Kyiv were asked to send more buses on the routes to act as shuttle buses.

Particular attention is paid to the routes that duplicate electric transport: subway, trolleybuses, and trams.

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