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Defence of Mariupol, liberation of Kherson - most important military events of year for Ukrainians, according to poll

More than a third of citizens are confident that Ukraine will win the war by the summer of 2023.

Defence of Mariupol, liberation of Kherson - most important military events of year for Ukrainians, according to poll
Photo: Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The absolute majority of Ukrainians - 93% - believe in the victory of Ukraine in the war with Russia, and only 3% of citizens doubt the victory.

These are the results of a survey conducted by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation jointly with the Razumkov Centre sociological service, for 2022.

The absolute majority of the residents of all macro-regions are convinced of Ukraine's victory, however, in the East, there are somewhat more sceptics (10%) as compared to others.

Among those who believe in the victory of Ukraine, 39% believe that this victory will come by the summer of 2023. 22% bet on victory in 1-2 years, and another 20% believe that victory can be achieved in the coming months.

54% of Ukrainians see victory in the expulsion of Russian troops from the entire territory of Ukraine and the restoration of the borders as of January 2014. Another 22% believe that this is not enough and it is necessary to achieve the complete destruction of the Russian army and the collapse of the Russian Federation from within.

18% of respondents are ready to cede certain parts of the occupied territories in exchange for the cessation of hostilities and consider it a victory. Of these, 8% are ready to cede only the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, 6% - the territories occupied until 23 February 2022, and 3% - all the territories currently occupied by the Russian army.

7% of the population of the western and southern regions of Ukraine are ready to end the war, even if the Russian army stays in the territories occupied after 24 February 2022. Lower requirements for the end of the war are also put forward by less affluent segments of the population compared to more affluent ones.

62% of respondents believe that the war can end only in case of victory. 26% of respondents, on the contrary, are ready to make concessions to Russia if it helps to achieve peace. Compared to October, the share of Ukrainians who consider any concessions to Russia unacceptable has increased by 4%.

The greatest readiness to make concessions was demonstrated by the residents of the South (35%) and the East (39%). Of these, 16% in the South and 12% in the East believe that any compromises are worth making for the sake of peace.

The most important military event of the year for 39% of Ukrainians was the defence of Mariupol. For 37% of respondents, one of the most important events at the front was the liberation of Kherson. The liberation of Chernihiv, Kyiv and Sumy regions closes the top three most important military events of the year, it was named by 33% of respondents.

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