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Germany provides Ukraine with new military support package

It contains, in particular, reconnaissance drones and UAV detection systems.

Germany provides Ukraine with new military support package
Olaf Scholz
Photo: EPA/UPG

Germany has provided Ukraine with a new military support package. It includes, among other things, pick-ups, trucks, missile systems, infantry vehicles and drone detection systems.

The list is published on the Federal Government website.

Among the provided assistance are both new items and additions to the already provided ones: 

  • 20 rocket launchers 70mm on pick-up trucks with rockets
  • 15 armoured recovery vehicles (before: 13)
  • 13 tank transporter tractor M1070 Oshkosh (before: 12)
  • 7 tracked and remote-controlled infantry vehicles for support tasks
  • 143 pick-ups (before: 80)
  • 216 generators (before: 195)
  • 35 load-handling trucks 8x8 (before: 18)
  • 148 mobile heating systems (before: 116)
  • 26 reconnaissance drones (before: 18)
  • 36 ambulances (before: 35)
  • 85 border protection vehicles (before: 78)
  • 36,400 wool blankets
  • 12 heavy-duty trailer trucks
  • 55 anti-drone sensors and jammers (before: 28)
  • 30 drone detection systems


A new package of military aid from the United States is expected this week. According to the Washington Post journalists, it may include Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

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