MainNews - obtains video of Russian plane being blown up at Machulishchy airfield

Its authenticity was confirmed by law-enforcement sources. obtains video of Russian plane being blown up at Machulishchy airfield
Photo: Screengrab

Belarusian partisans from the BYPOL group have provided the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) with a unique video from the drone that blew up the Russian A-50 surveillance plane at the Machulishchy airfield.

According to's sources, all those who carried out this special operation were able to leave for third countries right under the nose of the FSB, taking flash drives with drone footage with them.

Unlike the previous video, which appeared online yesterday, this one shows not just the drone's reconnaissance work, but combat footage from 26 February from the drone's takeoff to the moment of the explosion.

Those who carried out the special operation also say that two "birds" were working at the airfield. One (from the video) landed on the fuselage of the plane and damaged the radar equipment with an explosion. The second one was filming this process, and a few minutes later, it landed on the "saucer" of a Russian plane and exploded. So, new videos may become available later.

"Such a special operation is not just a serious image blow to the enemy, but another signal to the Russian military that they cannot feel safe in Belarus. In terms of security, there is a free pass there. And we will use it. We are grateful to the Belarusian partisans for their cooperation, courage and professional work," the sources familiar with the details of the special operation said.

On 27 February, the Belarusian opposition in exile reported that guerrillas had damaged a Russian military observation aircraft A-50 at the Machulishchy airfield.

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