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Zelenskyy imposes sanctions on Bohuslayev, more than 200 Russians

Sanctions are imposed for 10 years.

Zelenskyy imposes sanctions on Bohuslayev, more than 200 Russians
Photo: Ukrainian presidential office

On 1 April, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy enacted the decision of the National Security and Defence Council to impose sanctions on a number of individuals and legal entities.

This is stated in presidential decrees No. 191/2023 and No. 192/2023.

The list includes Ukrainians and more than 200 Russians. In total, sanctions were imposed against 273 people and 380 legal entities. In particular, the president imposed sanctions against Vyacheslav Bohuslayev, the former president of the Motor Sich aircraft engine maker. The sanctions are imposed for 10 years.

They include:

· blocking of assets;

· restriction of trade operations (complete cessation);

· restriction, partial or complete cessation of transit of resources, flights and transport through the territory of Ukraine (complete cessation);

· preventing the withdrawal of capital from Ukraine;

· suspension of economic and financial obligations;

· cancellation or suspension of licences to carry out certain activities, including the use of subsoil

· prohibition of participation in privatisation, lease of state property by residents of a foreign state and persons directly or indirectly controlled by residents of a foreign state or acting in their interests

· prohibition or restriction of entry of foreign non-military vessels and warships into the territorial sea of Ukraine, its inland waters, ports and aircraft into the airspace of Ukraine or landing on the territory of Ukraine (complete prohibition).

The sanctions were imposed, in particular, against the Federation Council (the upper house of the Russian parliament), the Ministry of Finance, the Federal Security Service and the Federal Protection Service of the Russian Federation, as well as enterprises of the military-industrial complex, instrumentation, radio electronics and cable industries.

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