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National Guard shoots down two Russian SU-25s near Melitopol

One of them was shot down by a National Guard soldier whose nom de guerre is "Zaporizhzhya Avenger".

National Guard shoots down two Russian SU-25s near Melitopol
Photo: Ukrainian National Guard press service

On 25 May, National Guard soldiers successfully engaged two Russian air targets using man-portable air defence systems in the Zaporizhzhya sector, the press service of the National Guard has said.

"On 25 May, the Russian occupying forces attempted to strike the positions of the Ukrainian defence forces from the air using a pair of Su-25s. At that time, the National Guard soldiers - Zaporizhzhya Avenger and his combat sworn brother - were on combat duty. The soldiers clearly identified the enemy aircraft and accurately fired at air targets from man-portable air defence systems," the National Guard said.

The first aircraft, a Su-25, was completely destroyed, its pilot ejected over the territory temporarily occupied by Russia. The second aircraft was shot down by a National Guard member aka Zaporizhzhya Avenger, the enemy Su-25 was seriously damaged and forced to make an emergency landing.

As a result, at the end of the runway, Melitopol residents saw a black column of smoke, and before that, dull explosions were heard.

The National Guard recalled that Zaporizhzhya Avenger destroyed a total of seven enemy aircraft.

On 23 May, the Armed Forces destroyed a Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter worth $16 million. On 22 May, Ukrainian defenders shot down a Russian Mi-24 helicopter.

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