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Nine injured after shelling in Kherson Region

The Russians hit residential areas, a church, and a medical facility. 

Nine injured after shelling in Kherson Region
Photo: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs via Telegram

Yesterday the Russians shelled Kherson Region 53 times, firing 241 shells from mortars, artillery, “Hrads", tanks, UAVs and aviation. Nine people were injured.

The enemy shelled Kherson 42 times, states the head of Military Administration Oleksandr Prokudin via Telegram.

"The Russians targeted the residential blocks of the settlement in the region, the territory and building of the church, the territory of the park, the building of a religious institution, a cinema, an infrastructure object, a shopping center, the territory of a medical institution and the building of a detention institution in Kherson," he wrote.

Yesterday the occupiers hit the cathedral in the center of Kherson. The trolleybus that was passing by was also damaged: three people were injured, one old man in a serious condition. Four rescuers were injured when came to put out the fire in the cathedral as the Russians hit it again. 

In the evening, the Russians shelled a medical facility and a shopping center.

Kherson Military Administration states the increased number of shelling of Kherson and other deoccupied areas of the region are associated with the fact that the Russians recovered after losses on the left bank. 

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