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Russia tries to attack Kyiv with Iskander, houses damaged in region

There were no casualties or injuries.

Russia tries to attack Kyiv with Iskander, houses damaged in region
Photo: ArmyInform

Residential buildings in Kyiv Region were damaged as a result of a Russian attack on the morning of 11 November, the regional military administration has said.

"Last night, the enemy attacked the region with an UAV. In the morning, it continued the attack with ballistic missiles. Air defence forces were active," it noted.

No hits to critical or residential infrastructure were recorded. At the same time, in one of the districts of the region, two missiles hit a field between two settlements.

According to preliminary reports, the blast wave damaged five private residential buildings. "In particular, roofs and windows were smashed. There are also minor damages to household premises and one of the private enterprises," the authorities added.

The Kyiv city military administration reported that at around 8:00 a ballistic air target, preliminary data indicate that it was an Iskander type missile, was launched towards the capital.

"After a long pause of 52 days, the enemy has resumed missile attacks on Kyiv!" the officials said.

The missile did not reach Kyiv since air defence forces destroyed it on its approach to the capital.

There are no reports of casualties or injuries.

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