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Intel claims to have lists of people Russians to use for starting Maydan-3

In particular, these are public and political figures, opinion leaders. The purpose of the special operation is to undermine the socio-political situation in Ukraine. 

Intel claims to have lists of people Russians to use for starting Maydan-3
Andriy Yusov
Photo: Facebook/Andriy Yusov

A representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Andriy Yusov, told Radio Liberty that the agency has lists of people whom Moscow could use to spread Russian narratives and influence the socio-political situation in Ukraine.

"I cannot give specific names now. There are lists of people whom the enemy is working on, and there is a task to engage them to spread their rhetoric and influence the socio-political situation in the country. These are dozens of people, if we are talking about influential categories. Not directly, meaning that it does not always mean that someone with a "red star" is approaching a person. It can be a way to reach intermediaries through neutral topics. The main thing is to inject the narratives that the enemy needs. This work, attempts to do so, are taking place both in Ukraine and abroad," Yusov explained.

He noted that for this purpose, massive purchases and creation of telegram channels are being made. Bot farms are also being set up to amplify Russian rhetoric on social media.

"Right now, we are actively purchasing various tools in real time - from telegram channels, pages on various social networks, to access to opinion leaders. Every time we hear such narratives that undermine our country from within, that delegitimise state decision-making, we will understand who these narratives are working for," explained Andriy Yusov.

According to the DIU, the operation aimed at undermining the socio-political situation in Ukraine was called "Maydan-3" by Russia.

"This name was given in Russia. And this is not the first time. Even the Soviet secret services, and then the Russian secret services, used to call outright anti-Ukrainian and xenophobic events, both in Ukraine and abroad, with beautiful Ukrainian or foreign words. Yes, for them, the Maydan is a threat, so they use this terminology to turn everything upside down. If we think back, many of the NKVD's operations against the UPA, OUN, and the Ukrainian underground were called beautiful Ukrainian sounding words," said Andriy Yusov.

Earlier, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, citing a statement by the Intelligence Committee under the President of Ukraine, reported that the total budget of the Maydan-3 operation was an astronomical $1.5 billion. The Maydan 3 special operation will reach its culmination in March-May 2024. 

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