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Energy Ministry says coal production at state-owned mines growing

The state produced over 178,000 tonnes in January and 194,000 tonnes in February.

Energy Ministry says coal production at state-owned mines growing

Coal production at Ukraine's state-owned mines is growing despite the war, the Ministry of Energy has said.

According to the ministry, whereas in March 2022, the output was 173,000 tonnes per month and it had been steadily declining for a long time, at the end of 2023 it managed to restore and exceed pre-war levels.

In January 2024, the output exceeded 178,000 tonnes per month, and in February it exceeded 194,000 tonnes.

"Daily coal production has increased more than 1.5 times: in September, this figure was 4,100 tonnes per day, while in February it was 6,700 tonnes," said Deputy Energy Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Kheylo.

The growth in coal production at state-owned enterprises has helped to increase the volume of solid fuel in the warehouses of energy companies.

In particular, as of the end of February this year, TPPs and CHPPs had accumulated more than 1 million tonnes of coal in their warehouses, which is 236,000 tonnes more than planned.

The Energy Ministry said that the volumes would continue to increase. To this end, a coal mining longwall face located 7 km from the frontline has recently been put into operation at a mine in Donetsk Region.

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