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Zelenskyy launches sanctions against smuggling kingpin Alperin

Sanctions have also come into force against other people on the smugglers' list, as well as against legal entities. 

Zelenskyy launches sanctions against smuggling kingpin Alperin

The President of Ukraine has enacted sanctions against the so-called smuggling king Vadym Alperin and a number of other individuals.

These are Oleksandr Yerimitsyuts, Yuriye Kushnir, Orest Adamcho, Viktor Sherman, Andriy Popov, and Araik Amirkhanyan. The decree enacting the sanctions was published on the President's website

The document states that Alperin is an Israeli citizen - he was deprived of his Ukrainian citizenship several years ago. Yerimitsyuts is Oleksandr Yerimchuk. In addition to his Ukrainian passport, he has a Romanian passport.

Yuriye (Yuriy) Kushnir also has a Romanian passport. Popov is a Russian citizen. The sanctions will be in place for three years against everyone except Amirkhanyan, and ten years for him.

The restrictive measures include, among other things, the freezing of assets, a complete cessation of trade operations, and a ban on participation in privatisation.

In addition to individuals, sanctions were imposed on legal entities: Grumbo LLC, Magnez LLC, Fucherayz LLC, Southern Tobacco Company LLC and others. 

Viktor Sherman, like Alperin, was an Odesa businessman. He was called one of Alperin's partners. Yuriy Kushnir and Oleksandr Yeremchuk are linked to smuggling in Chernivtsi Region. All of them were on the so-called list of smuggling kings, against whom the NSDC decided to impose sanctions three years ago. 

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