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Lubinets: Hungary not yet explained how 11 Ukrainian POWs were transferred from Russia

The Ombudsman has not yet received an official explanation from Budapest. 

Lubinets: Hungary not yet explained how 11 Ukrainian POWs were transferred from Russia
Photo: Max Trebukhov

The official Budapest has not yet sent the Ukrainian Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmytro Lubinets, an explanation of how 11 Ukrainian prisoners of war were transferred from Russia last year. The Ombudsman said this in an interview with Suspilne. The Ombudsman considers Hungary's behaviour to be unworthy.

"We are not involved in communication between Hungary and Russia. I interpret this as inhumane treatment. We are used to the way the Russian Federation behaves. But we are not used to an EU country behaving in this way. If you want to help, please do, we will only welcome it. The only thing we want is to be informed. Something depends on us," the ombudsman said in a commentary.

Dmytro Lubinets emphasises that he still cannot get an answer as to which route the 11 Ukrainian citizens were taken from the territory of the Russian Federation to Hungary. "Not a single representative of Ukraine, either from diplomatic missions or other agencies, was involved."

"Is there a land border between the Russian Federation and Hungary? No. So it had to be a plane? Yes. What documents did you show the Ukrainian citizens? As far as we know, the Russian side took the documents and destroyed them. And how did Hungary establish that these were indeed Ukrainian citizens? I don't want to blame the Hungarian side - we are giving them the opportunity to respond. I didn't tell you before that I immediately officially contacted my Hungarian colleague. Enough time has passed, I have not received a response, so I can allow myself to comment on this publicly," Lubinets adds. 

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