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Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhya, authorities report multiple casualties (update)

The head of the regional military administration reported two explosions. 

Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhya, authorities report multiple casualties (update)
Consequences of the shelling of Zaporizhzhya on 5 April 2024
Photo: Telegram/Ivan Fedorov

Explosions were heard during the air raid in Zaporizhzhya.

It was announced at 14:44 on 5 April. The head of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Military Administration, Ivan Fedorov, later reported two explosions.

Later, Fedorov added that there were casualties as a result of the enemy attack.

Update 20:44. Four victims of the Russian attack are already known. The number of wounded reached more than 20 people, the head of the RMA said.

Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said that two journalists of Ukrainian media were among the wounded. They came under re-fire while working at the site.

Photo: Telegram/Ihor Klymenko

Update 18:26. On the air of the telethon, Ivan Fedorov said that the death toll had increased to three people. The number of injured is now 13, four of them in serious condition. 

Ukrinform reported that their correspondent Olha Zvonaryova was among the victims. 

According to the police, the Russian army fired three missiles at the territory of the regional centre, and soon struck again with two more missiles, hitting civilian infrastructure. The blast wave and debris damaged nearby buildings, shops, pharmacies, catering establishments and vehicles.

Photo: National Police
Photo: National Police

Update 17:21. The head of the RMA reported two victims of the Russian attack - a woman and a man.

Among the wounded are a 9-year-old boy and his 36-year-old mother, young men aged 20 and 22 are in moderate condition, and a 55-year-old woman and a 51-year-old man are in serious condition, the head of the region added, and reported new explosions in the regional centre.

Update 16:40. The secretary of Zaporizhzhya city council Anatoliy Kurtev reported that according to preliminary data, 6 people were injured in the shelling.

"It is also known that 3 multi-storey buildings, 1 private house, a dormitory and a trade facility were damaged," Kurtev added.

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