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FSB torture Ukrainian refugees at border crossings with Estonia

At the end of 2023, the FSB also began to persecute people from Estonia and other EU countries. 

FSB torture Ukrainian refugees at border crossings with Estonia
Photo: russian media

Russian FSB officers systematically persecuted and tortured Ukrainian citizens at the border crossing points between Estonia and Russia. This was reported by the Estonian media Postimees.

Since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the FSB has considered Ukrainians as potential enemies.

In addition to the harassment of Ukrainians in Russia, the persecution of Ukrainian citizens at the Kunichina Gora and Shumilkino checkpoints on the border with Estonia has intensified.

According to Ukrainian refugees who crossed the border, they were subjected to harassment by the FSB: profiling interviews about them and their connections, filling out questionnaires, checking communications and extracting data, and torture to obtain the desired answers.

The FSB officers forced them to undress and then took pictures of them. The FSB also made video recordings of the testimonies received, which could later be used to compromise people crossing the border. Ukrainians have been detained under the pretext of fictitious offences and asked to agree to a lie detector test. These actions of the Russians led to delays in crossing the border for other people.

Estonians who visited Russia reported that they were subjected to other methods described by Ukrainians while crossing the border. 

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