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Kubrakov unveils details of protection of 22 key power substations in Ukraine

In addition, the construction of the third level of protection has begun in Ukraine, but funds are needed to complete the work.

Kubrakov unveils details of protection of 22 key power substations in Ukraine
Deputy Prime Minister for Reconstruction of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov
Photo: Max Trebukhov

Key power substations in several regions of Ukraine that are most affected by Russian shelling have withstood and are still withstanding enemy attacks thanks to the second level of protection.

Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Prime Minister for Recovery, said this during a teleconference.

He said that such large facilities as thermal power plants and large generation facilities can only be protected by air defence systems.

"As for the distribution system, attacks continue, but we were much more prepared. The Ministry of Recovery, together with the Recovery Agency, is responsible for protecting 22 key substations with different levels of protection. The main focus was on the second level of protection. This is from the Shahed... Several of our main areas that are now under attack almost every day are now powered exclusively by transformers that are protected by the second level of protection. These transformers, these structures have already been attacked several times, and they have withstood them," Kubrakov said.

The Vice Prime Minister noted that the third level of protection can fully protect all facilities. "The third level of protection is essentially the construction of new substations submerged underground. This is a much more complicated and long-term story. We did it entirely in cooperation with the General Staff, meaning their military engineers developed this design," Kubrakov said.

According to him, four partner countries (the UK, the US, Germany and Japan) sent their military engineers and were involved in the development of the project from the very beginning.

"All tests have been completed to date. They fully confirm that such structures can defend against missiles of any type," the Infrastructure Minister said.

Kubrakov said that construction has already begun, but additional funding is needed to complete the project. "I hope that we will find additional money in the budget, or our partners will support us, and 22 key substations will be protected by the third level of protection," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

As for the difficult situation in Kharkiv, the focus will be on cogeneration, which will help solve the problem of electricity and heat supply in the new heating season. Kubrakov added that the central and local authorities are currently approving a plan to prepare for the construction of the relevant facilities.

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