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Defence Ministry spokesman: TRC to not serve summonses abroad

It will be possible to update military registration data abroad at consulates or through an electronic cabinet, which is planned to be launched in June.

Defence Ministry spokesman: TRC to not serve summonses abroad
TRC (illustrative photo)
Photo: Facebook/Odesa Regional Territorial Recruitment and Social Support Centre

Ukrainian territorial centres for recruitment and social support will not operate abroad, and the delivery of calls to men abroad seems unrealistic.

This was stated by the spokesman for the Ministry of Defence, Dmytro Lazutkin, on Radio Svoboda.

"TRCs will not work abroad. The Ministry of Defence cannot comment on the actions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This (serving summonses abroad - ed.) looks rather unrealistic," he said.

Lazutkin explained that after the new law on mobilisation comes into force, men of the appropriate age in Ukraine and abroad will have 60 days to update their military records, including through an electronic cabinet. Thus, men from abroad do not need to return to Ukraine to update their data.

"It is not necessary to come to Ukraine, but if a person wants to defend his homeland, wants to join the Defence Forces, then, of course, it is worth coming to Ukraine... Those abroad will be able to do this (update their military registration data - ed.) at consular offices, as well as through an electronic cabinet," the spokesman explained.

He assured that everything possible is being done to ensure that the electronic cabinet, through which the data can be updated, will be launched in June."Everything possible is being done to ensure that this is possible... The e-cabinet is under active development. I communicate almost every day with people who are involved in this. There are a lot of issues, including those related to technical solutions and cybersecurity. The process is underway, and talented people are involved. It is planned that everything will be launched in June, and you will be able to upload information about yourself, and information from state registers will be pulled in. Thus, the service will become more convenient for more citizens who are already used to living with a smartphone, laptop or tablet," said Lazutkin.

According to him, passing the military medical commission in the e-cabinet is not provided for. Instead, the introduction of the e-cabinet will allow for better registration of persons liable for military service. 

"The e-cabinet does not currently provide for the military medical examination. It is primarily about updating data - changes of residence, changes in marital status, reservations, reservations, etc.", explained Lazutkin.

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