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Envoy: 133 Ukrainians still in separatist captivity

The humanitarian subgroup on a Donbas settlement is in extremely difficult talks on prisoners' exchange.

Envoy: 133 Ukrainians still in separatist captivity
Iryna Herashchenko
Photo: Iryna Gerashchenko

Ukraine's representative in the humanitarian subgroup on a Donbas settlement, Iryna Herashchenko, has said that there are 133 Ukrainians on the list of prisoners. This number includes people held hostage both in the separatist-held areas and in Russia, 112 Ukraine TV has said.

She also shared some details of the negotiations on an exchange of prisoners.

"There was some extremely difficult work at the humanitarian subgroup where Ukraine's proposals on the release of illegally detained persons were rejected once again. We put forward specific proposals back on 6 January and 13 January. And now on 20 January. We come to the meeting and there is no reaction to our proposals. And right in front of us they start to write something, make some lists, and it all ends up with a cynical proposal, which is a shame to comment on: let us release not 25 of your people, not 21, but 17, and for this we demand 63," she said.

As reported earlier, the representatives of the Donetsk and Luhansk separatists refused to exchange prisoners with Ukraine at the trilateral contact group in Minsk on 20 January.

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