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Poroshenko: Ukraine cannot implement Minsk-II unilaterally

Сommitment and deliveries of Russia and Russia-backed militants are a must, the president says.

Poroshenko: Ukraine cannot implement Minsk-II unilaterally
Petro Poroshenko
Photo: Max Trebukhov

President Petro Poroshenko said before meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel that it is not possible to secure implementation of the Minsk agreements only through unilateral moves of Ukraine.

He said that the militants did not observe the very first clause of the agreements, which concerns a cease-fire.

"The ceasefire cannot be partial. It is there or not. I regret to state that so far it is not. And people still die on the frontline," he said.

In his opinion, the militants are not interested in restoring peace in Donbas.

"Under these circumstances, there is no trust in the Ukrainian society and in the Ukrainian Parliament that our further unilateral steps will be reciprocated," Poroshenko said.

Ukraine stays firmly committed to the Minsk agreements, he reiterated, but "it is obvious that sanctions against Russia must stay in place till Russia and its proxies fully implement the Minsk agreements and Russia gets out of Donbas".

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