Minsk negotiator talks about "difficult" relations with president

Roman Bezsmertnyy shares the insider details of the Minsk process.

Minsk negotiator talks about "difficult" relations with president
Roman Bezsmertnyy

Ukraine's representative in the political subgroup of the trilateral contact group on a Donbas settlement, Roman Bezsmertnyy, has described as "difficult" his current relations with both President Petro Poroshenko and the Ukrainian authorities as such.

"As a participant in this Minsk process, I have not been able to build an open and sincere dialogue either with the president, or the Ukrainian authorities," he said on Sonya Koshkina's Levyy Bereg show.

"I do not like my conversations with the president at all as far as the implementation of tasks on the Minsk process is concerned. I clearly understand that we would be happy not to have this conversation at all because you have to work with a great number of people, negotiate with many and possibly neither he, nor I get pleasure from this. This worries me. A lot," Bezsmertnyy said.

In his words, the process of international negotiations looks somewhat different from the way it is portrayed by mass media.

"Ukraine, just like its delegation staying in Minsk today, lives in a volunteer mode," he said when asked whether he travels to Minsk at his own expense.

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