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Expert: Police mission in Donbas a "good but infeasible idea"

The war in Donbass can be ended only upon the development of a new geopolitical and continental security system.

A police mission in Donbas is a good but infeasible idea, former representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral contact group on Donbas settlement, Roman Bezsmertnyy, told

"The police mission – be it armed, unarmed, or enhanced with a different mandate is a good idea. The idea that we can discuss for a long time. In terms of implementation, however, it is very, very problematic. It stands a chance, however feeble, to be used, if you find a specific organizational formula of its implementation," Bezsmertnyy said.

He says "the very principle of participants' exiting the war" needs to be reconsidered, because the current model provides "few chances and choices."

Bezsmertnyy believes it is necessary to work out a variety of options for the resolution of the conflict before getting down to begin to implementing them, which may happen only when the leading Western countries involved in the settlement of the situation in Donbass stop politicizing the process.

He went on to say that the war in Donbas can be ended only after the development of a new system of geopolitical and continental security.

"All conflicts – in Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria, northern Kazakhstan, etc. - are the components of a serious gap in the continental security. To address these issues, in particular, will be possible only when a system of geopolitical interests, borders and so on begins to take shape," the politician summarized.

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