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National regulator OKs hike in utility heat tariffs

The adjustment is due to the Cabinet's decision on gas price.

The national Commission on state regulation of energy and utilities on 9 June approved an increase in the tariff for heat and central heating services. As of 1 July, the heat bill will grow 75-90% depending on the vendor.

"The lion's share of adjustments was related to an earlier resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on gas price, the rest was due to the revision of salaries in accordance with the new size of minimum wage and single social contribution, and also a growth in retail electricity tariffs," the head of the regulator Dmytro Vovk said at a meeting of the commission on 9 June.

The Cabinet has limited the price of gas sold to utility companies at 6,879 hryvnia / thousand. cu. m (incl. VAT and transportation costs) as of 1 May.

The tariffs for each regional utility company were approved on 5 May.

In Kyiv, for example, hot water bills will soar as of 1 July to 63-78 hryvnia per cubic meter, and the heating bills will reach 31 hryvnia per sq. m of heated area.

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