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Mykolayiv governor resigns amid corruption scandal

Vadym Merykov took political responsibility for his crooked deputy.

The head of Mykolayiv Regional Administration Vadym Merykov has resigned, President Petro Poroshenko said during a visit to Mykolayiv in June 15.

"Yesterday, I had a meeting with Merykov, and after the conversation, he wrote a letter of resignation This is political responsibility," the head of state said. The new regional governor will be elected in a job contest in accordance with the civil service law.

Poroshenko asked the Prosecutor-General to dismiss the prosecutor of Mykolaiv region, and asked the heads of interior ministry and national police to dismiss the regional police chief.

The resignation and dismissals came on the hills of the detention on bribery charges of the first deputy head of Mykolayiv Regional Administration Mykola Romanchuk.

Romanchuk and his three aides we arrested on 3 June upon accepting a bribe of 90 thousand dollars.

"The official kept at his home a suitcase with 300 thousand dollars in cash and a large amount of jewelry. Under the building, the secret service officers have found a network of tunnels, where the safes were revealed with gold ingots, ancient icons, antiques, and silverware. The vaults are also held "black accounting papers," evidence of corrupt deals," the SBU said after the arrest.

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