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Ukrainian cabinet suggests Day of Crimean Resistance

The draft decree was approved at today's cabinet meeting.

The Cabinet of Ministers on 6 July suggested that President Petro Poroshenko issue a decree to mark 26 February as the day of occupied Crimea residents' resistance to Russia's aggression.

The draft presidential decree was approved at a cabinet meeting.

The date was chosen based on the fact that on 26 February, Crimeans gathered outside the autonomous republic's parliamentto prevent local deputies from voting for separatist resolutions. "Establishment of such a day will allow us to duly commemorate the resistance of Crimean Tatars living on the Crimean peninsula" - the report says.

Russia annexed Crimea in March 2014. Ukraine does not recognize Crimea's entry into the Russian Federation and considers the peninsula its territory. EU countries and the USA also do not recognize the entry of the peninsula in the Russian Federation. After the annexation, the USA and EU imposed sanctions against several Russian citizens and economic sectors, frozen their accounts.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described the annexation of Crimea "a milestone in the history of Russia."

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