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Fatherland wants UK, USA to join Normandy Four

These countries were the guarantors of security of Ukraine under the Budapest memorandum.

The political party Fatherland says Great Britain and the United States must be the members of Normandy group on Donbas settlement. The European Union must also be represented at the negotiators, reads the party's statement on the Normandy Four summit that took place on 19 October.

"The strengthening and expanding of the diplomatic mechanism will allow putting de-occupation of Crimea, which is not the subject of the Minsk Agreements, on the practical agenda," the party said in the 25 October statement.

Fatherland fully supports Ukraine's stance in the negotiations on Donbas settlement: Russian troops must leave the territory of the region, military equipment and armaments should be withdrawn, the border should be closed, and international observers should have the mandate to verify and monitor the compliance with the deal. Only after that the parties should move on to political settlement."

"Otherwise, any attempts to adopt a special law on the territories and holding local elections will spell the legalization of the seizure of another part of Ukraine's territory," reads the statement.

The party is opposed to the constitutional amendments to grant permanent "special status" to the region.

The party supports the retention of sanctions against Russia and advocated the establishment of an international commission to assess the damage caused by the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

On 19 October, the leaders of Normandy Four met in Berlin for the first time this year. It was decided to develop a road map for the implementation of provisions of Minsk agreements. If the parties fail to agree on the level of foreign ministers and advisers, another summit will take place before the end of the year to approve the road map.

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