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Premature job contests for state secretaries will become a fiction

Decent people would not take posts with unclear functions and powers, says Denys Brodskyy.

The former chairman of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service Denys Brodskyy warns that competitions for posts of state secretaries in ministries would be premature.

"I think that contests for state secretaries are held prematurely as they are at risk of turning into another reformist fiction from our government, because their range of powers is unclear. How will they ensure the implementation of the policy of the ministry? What instruments to they have implement the will of their ministers?" Brodskyy said on 27 October at a round table, organized by Gorshenin Institute and the Reanimation Package of Reforms.

In his opinion, no decent person would agree to take a post with unclear functions and powers.

MP Olena Shkrum, speaking before Brodskyy, said that the powers of State Secretaries will be outlined in a bill that is under consideration by the Verkhovna Rada. The acting head of the National Agency on Civil Service Kostyantyn Vashchenko, in turn, said that by law, state secretaries should appear not later than December 31 2016, so job contests cannot be postponed.

The prominent HR manager Denys Brodskyy in 2014 tried his hand in the civil service but resigned a month later because of the intrigues in the Cabinet.

In June 2016, he became one of the initiators of the new political party Khvylya (Wave), also known as the party of Kasko Sakvarelidze.

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