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Deputy head of Ukraine's central bank says wiretapped

Her conversations with Platinum Bank's managers were leaked online.

Deputy head of Ukraine's central bank says wiretapped
Kateryna Rozhkova
Photo: NBU

Kateryna Rozhkova, a deputy governor of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), has said that she is wiretapped.

She made this statement after her phone conversations with Platinum Bank shareholder and businessman Borys Kaufman and the bank chief's adviser, Dmytro Zinkov were published online.

She confirmed the authenticity of the recordings.

Rozhkova said she was prepared to brief the National Anticorruption Bureau on any episode of her communication with bank managers and shareholders.

"Still, I would like to ask law-enforcement agencies to check who wiretaps my phone communication and then makes it public, and for what reason," she said, adding that such leaks may affect banks and the banking system as such.

On 27 October, the National Police searched her house within the framework of the bankruptcy case of Mykhaylivskyy Bank.

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