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ATO veteran admits rescue video was staged

"It was filmed as part of crime re-enactment."

ATO veteran admits rescue video was staged
Ilya Bogdanov

The video showing the release of a former Russian FSB officer, Ilya Bogdanov, was filmed by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) during a crime re-enactment, he has said in an interview with Depo.

"The video was filmed not when the crime ring was captured. It was filmed during crime re-enactment. But there are recordings of phone conversations, which have not been made public, those when I was within a hair's breadth of death and without any hope. I can only say one thing about these talks, those people in the GRU [the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate] are fucking wretches," he said.

On 18 November, the SBU accused Russia of organizing the abduction of Bogdanov, who defected to Ukraine in 2014. The abduction team was intercepted close to Ukraine's border in Kharkiv Region.

The SBU showed the video of the detention, which immediately caused public concerns about its authenticity.

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