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Repair crews come under fire in Avdiyivka

No fatalities have been reported.

Pro-Russian militants have fired on a repair crew working on restoring power supply to Avdiyivka, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov tweeted on the 1 February afternoon.

"The mine clearance experts of the emergency service and electricians came under fire in Avdiyivka. People are lying on the ground. No fatalities have been reported. Mean provocateurs!" the minister tweeted.

Earlier, a ceasefire deal was reached with the separatists from 13:00 to 17:00 Kyiv time to let engineers carry out the repairs near Avdiyivka.

On 30 January, the only remaining power line leading to Avdiyivka was destroyed by enemy shelling, which left the city without water, electricity and central heating. The Avdiyivka coking plant was on the verge of stopping but managed to continue operation and ensure the temperature of the coolant in the central heating system requisite to keep it running.

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