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Nationalist parties sign manifesto on coordination of actions

Freedom, National Corps and the Right Sector announced a crusade against government.

Nationalist parties sign manifesto on coordination of actions
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The leaders of the major nationalist parties of Ukraine signed in the Teacher's House in Kyiv on Thursday the so-called "national manifesto", in which they pledge to join efforts to achieve political ends. The document was signed by Oleh Tyahnybok (VO Svoboda), Andriy Biletskyy (National Corps), Andriy Tarasenko (Right Sector), Stepan Bratsun (Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists), Bohdan Chervak (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists), and Serhiy Mazur (organization C14).

"This is a historic moment, we are not just coordinating ourselves, but join efforts," Tyahnybok told reporters.

Biletsky said that the nationalists embark on a "crusade against government."

The document states, inter alia, that Ukraine should direct efforts to create a "Baltic-Black Sea Union", recover the nuclear status, sever diplomatic relations with Russia, and allow citizens to own firearms.

In addition, the parties intend to cultivate traditional values in Ukraine, strengthen criminal penalties for official corruption, effectively combat illegal immigration, and create a single local church in Kyiv.

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