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Sotnyk: French presidential runners do not see Ukraine in EU. Not even Macron

"Macron says that the borders of the EU should be fixed."

No presidential candidate in France, not even the pro-European Emmanuel Macron, sees Ukraine in the European Union, says MP Olena Sotnyk, a member of the Permanent Delegation of Ukraine to PACE.

"I would like to draw your attention to the fact that none of the candidates in France considers Ukraine as the future member of the European Union. Even the great supporter of the European Union, Macron says that the borders of the EU should be fixed and strengthened," Sotnyk told a round table conference at Gorshenin Institute on Friday, 21 April.

All things considered, Sotnyk believes that Macron is the most favourable French presidential candidate for Ukraine.

"If Fillon or Le Pen win, the relations will get more complicated. We remember Le Pen's statements on Crimea and our Foreign Ministry's pungent reaction. Building relations on this foundation will be very difficult. Secondly, these people clearly view Russia as a big partner and want it back into the orbit of France. The want sanctions against Russia to be lifted and do not see Ukraine as a victim of Russian aggression," the MP said.

"And still, France is important for us because it is a member of the Normandy Four format, so the future of the talks and the whole Minsk process depends on the position of French president," Sotnyk stressed.

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