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Tax cops raid distilleries

PGO launches large-scale offensive on the shadow market of alcohol.

Tax cops raid distilleries

The tax police under the procedural sector of the Prosecutor-General's Office search #41 distillery.

"A large-scale offensive on the underground alcohol market has begun, and searches are ongoing at the distillery # 41. The special operation that the tax police conducts under the procedural direction of the Prosecutor-General's Office is aimed to putting an end to illegal activities in the sphere of illegal production and sale of excisable products," the national fiscal service said in facebook release on Monday, 24 July.

"Unaccounted alcohol is produced from unaccounted raw materials and sold for cash. The existence of such a shadow market in the alcohol industry inflicts billions in losses of the state budget and possesses serious risks to public health because of poor-quality products that are made from it," the release said.

The special operation involves 430 tax police officers.

The production of alcohol is a the state monopoly in Ukraine. This is the only distillery in Ukraine # 41. Its is run by the state concern Ukrspirt.

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