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Parliament passes bill on 12-year secondary school

As of next year, children will have a new mode of study.

Parliament passes bill on 12-year secondary school

Parliament adopted the new wording of the bill "On education" under which Ukrainian children will study 12 years in secondary school as of 1 September 2018.

Bill No3491-d was adopted by 255 MPs amid the required minimum of 226.

One of the novelties of the bill is that it introduces 12-year secondary school: four years of primary school, five years of basic education (gymnasium), and three years of majoring (lyceum or professional college).

Children go to school once they turn six or seven years old.

The bill provides for inclusive education (non-discrimination, inclusion of all participants into the education process), recognizes formal and informal education, establishes education districts, provides for subject-specific high schools in the format of lyceums; sets up a state agency for the monitoring of quality of education etc.

Reform will be implemented beginning with 2018. Preparations will be held until then. The reform will start with primary schools, to be followed by basic schools in 2019-22, subject-specific schools in 2023-29. Children will go to the 12th form no later than in 2029.

Teachers will undergo professional certification every five years. Those who pass it will be paid a 20-per-cent monthly bonus for as long as their certificate is valid.

The bill obliges the state to spend at least 7 per cent of GDP on education and introduces the post of education ombudsperson, who will be appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers with a one-off mandate valid for five years.

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