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KNU: heating bills duly paid

All buildings are heated but still cold.

Kyiv T. Shevchenko National University says it had to cancel classes until spring but not because of unpaid heating bills.

KNU's press service assured on Wednesday that the university buildings are heated as usual.

"It's just that it's still cold inside, especially in the buildings at the National Expo Center that have been built according to a Cuban project. So, stationary studies were cancelled to protect students from freezing. They will study distantly until March 1, perform individual tasks, work on course papers, theses, etc. Students and teachers can come to the university if necessary, though," the press service said.

The information was confirmed by one KNU lecturer: "[Classes were cancelled] so that the students of the buildings at National Expo Center did not go on strike over the cold in the buildings, like they do every winter. We have decided a long time ago that they should take a break until March. In those buildings, the room temperature at times falls below 12 degrees Celsius."

Earlier, it was reported that KNU had to cancel classes over the lack of funds to pay heating and electricity bills.

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