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Over 20 Ukrainians detained in Crimea "deported" to Russia

They were not given a lawyer.

On 13 February, the Yevpatoriya city court in Russia-occupied Crimea decided to "deport" 23 Ukrainian nationals for "illegal work by a foreigner", Hromadske Radio has reported quoting a lawyer and expert of the Regional Human Rights Centre, Roman Martynovskyy.

"We have information about all these 23 persons today. We have identified them. We have the decisions of the Yevpatoriya court for nearly all these people. These decisions were taken by several judges but we can say that nearly all of them are written in one style," the lawyer said.

According to Martynovskyy, these people were refurbishing the Yakir children's camp.

None of the detainees was given a lawyer.

All of them are Ukrainian nationals and have not violated the Ukrainian legislation in any way, the lawyer said.

The Ukrainians were placed in temporary remand centres for foreigners on the Russian territory, including in the village of Novoukrainskoye in Krasnodar Territory and the town of Novocherkassk in Rostov Region.

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