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Parliament boosts fines for expired registration of foreign cars

The highest fine is 170,000 hryvnyas (6,080 dollars).

Parliament boosts fines for expired registration of foreign cars
Photo: Oleksandr Rudomanov

Parliament passed bill No8488 on the introduction of amendments to the Customs Code, which in particular regulates the import of vehicles to Ukraine.

It boosts fines for the illegal use of cars registered abroad.

The fine under Article 470 of the Customs Code for missing the deadline to register a "transit" car is 8,500 hryvnyas for over 10 days. The new higher fines will be 8,500 hryvnyas for missing the deadline by 10-20 days, 85,000 hryvnyas by 20-30 days, and 170,000 hryvnyas by over 30 days.

The Customs Code stipulates higher fines for "temporarily imported" cars.

The transfer of a private car to a person who did not import it is punishable with a fine of 34,000 hryvnyas.

Police may stop cars with foreign registration to check their documents.

Earlier on 8 November, parliament passed the bill on a new formula of excise duty on the customs clearance of cars with foreign registration, which will be calculated by multiplying the base rate by the engine coefficient (volume/1,000) and age coefficient (number of full calendar years).

The base rate is 50 euros per car with petrol engine and 75 euro per diesel car. For heavy vehicles, they will make 100 and 150 euros correspondingly.

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