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Ukrainian president signs decree on martial law

The draft law on martial law has been referred to parliament.

Ukrainian president signs decree on martial law
Photo: President's press service

President Petro Poroshenko has enacted the decision of the National Security and Defence Council to introduce martial law and sent a draft law to this effect to parliament.

The National Security and Defence Council proposed to introduce martial law after Russia fired on and seized three Ukrainian Navy ships, injuring several servicemen, off the Kerch Strait.

Martial law will be introduced from 26 November to 25 January but can be cancelled ahead of the deadline.

Draft law No 9338 endorsing the president's decree on the introduction of martial law in Ukraine has been published on parliament's website.

It consists of two clauses, one concerning the endorsement of the president's decree, and the other one saying the president announces partial mobilization for the period and in the numbers depending on threats to the national security and defence of Ukraine.

The draft law is to be approved by parliament holding an emergency meeting at the moment.

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