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SBU: Russia fired four missiles on Ukrainian ships on 25 Nov

"It was a miracle that Ukrainian servicemen survived."

SBU: Russia fired four missiles on Ukrainian ships on 25 Nov
Photo: Max Levin

Russian jets fired four missiles on three Ukrainian naval ships during their seizure in neutral waters off the Kerch Strait on 25 November, the deputy chief of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Oleh Frolov, has said at a briefing.

The SBU made public the intercepts of communication between the crews of the Russian Su-30 fighter aircraft and the Ka-52 helicopter with control tower.

"These conversations leave no doubt that the Russian military command consciously ordered fire on the Ukrainian ships," he said.

"The Ukrainian ships became a target for the Russian military boldly exercising their skills of using various weapons. In fact, it was a miracle the Ukrainian servicemen survived six types of attacks," he said.

Frolov explained that the Don guard ship rammed the Ukrainian Yani Kapu tug; the Su-30 fired two missiles; the Ka-52 fired two missiles; the Russian ships used high-calibre arms; and the special forces stormed the Ukrainian ships and used violence.

"The sixth type of violence is continuing now: physical, moral and psychological pressure and the illegal arrest of all 24 servicemen," he said.

On 25 November, Russia blocked the Kerch Strait, fired on and seized the Yani Kapu tug and the Berdyansk and Nikopol gunboats together with their crews of 24 people, wounding at least three Ukrainian servicemen. Russia-controlled courts in Crimea arrested all 24 Ukrainian prisoners of war for "illegal border crossing" for two months.

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