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Scoop of the weekend: Mothers' march, resignation, arson

Scoop of the weekend: Mothers' march, resignation, arson

Around 300 women, mothers and widows of Ukrainians killed in Donbas, held an annual walk in central Kyiv. They were holding photos of their lost ones.

A deputy head of the presidential administration, Oleksiy Filatov, has tendered his resignation which President Petro Poroshenko has accepted. He supervised judiciary reform.


Atlantic Council analyst Anders Aslund criticized the actions of US President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani with regard to Ukraine after he cancelled his trip to Kyiv. According to Aslund, Giuliani may have been involved in the dismissal of US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

Metropolitan Epifaniy, head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, said a merger with the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is "theoretically possible in the future". However, he added, "this would depend on how we cooperate, support these friendly relations, strive for unity".

Over 2 million Ukrainians have travelled visa-free to the EU since 11 June 2017, according to Ukraine's Representative Office at the EU. "These are phenomenal figures," it added.

Ukraine's Deputy Defence Minister Anatoliy Petrenko has accused the Russian Black Sea Fleet of blocking the seaways in the western part of the Black Sea, thus putting obstacles to the operation of Ukrainian economic zones.

Ukraine has opened its honorary consulate in Cagliari, the capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia. Ukraine will be represented by honorary consul Anthony Grande.


Servicemen of the Naval Special-Purpose Centre of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces have practised seizing vessels in the open sea within the framework of VBSS (visit, board, search and seize) drills, according to the General Staff.

General Staff Commander Viktor Muzhenko has said his Facebook page was hacked on 11 May. However, he has restored control over his account. According to Muzhenko, he disowned "provocative political" content which appeared there in between.


A car of the TVi channel editor-in-chief, Volodymyr Yehorov, burnt down in Kyiv in the early hours of 12 May. He suggested that someone set it on fire because of his professional activities.

The signal of seven Ukrainian radio stations is being fully or partially jammed by Russian FM stations in 20 locations in northern Crimea, according to the Crimean Human Rights Group.

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