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Five MPs leave Self-Help party

MPs Yehor Sobolev and Semen Semenchenko left earlier.

MPs Olena Sotnyk, Viktoriya Voytsytska, Oleksandra Opanasenko, Ivan Miroshnychenko and Oleksandr Danchenko have decided to leave the Self-Help party, according to its leader and Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovyy.

"By the end of the mandate, the colleagues will stay in the Self-Reliance faction to honestly live up to the confidence Self-Help voters expressed in them," he said on Facebook.

According to MP Viktoriya Voytsytska, they decided to leave because of the "absence of transparent processes and decision-making in the party, the loss of the ideological basis, shift to populism for the sake of retaining a political rating and the absence of a clear strategy for Ukraine".

MPs Yehor Sobolev and Semen Semenchenko announced on 10 April that they were leaving the party.

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