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Petition for Zelenskyy's resignation gets 25,000 signatures in a day

In the morning, it had around 9,500 signatures.

An e-petition for the resignation of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, which was posted on the head of state's official website, has got 25,000 signatures over the first day after its launch.

In the morning, it had around 9,500 signatures, but by 3.10 p.m. it has already had 25,000 signatures, which means that the president will now have to consider it.

The petition was uploaded by Maksym Bezruk on 22 May 2019.

"Dear Volodymyr Oleksandrovych, people voted for you mostly out of protest. In reality, you do not have the support of 73% of voters. Your personality does not unite most Ukrainians who have different, partly diametrically opposite views and desires. You have consolidated the protest by giving no specific promises and political guidelines, but now, after the election and inauguration, you cannot but have a concrete path. However your first statements and actions disappoint your voters, breaking down this temporary situational people's consolidation," the text of the petition reads.

"Taking advantage of the lack of meaningful promises to the people, you began to ascribe your own wishes to the people’s will. An unacceptable situation is emerging when the "servant of the people" does not have moral obligations to his people which were formed during the electoral process. Therefore, we, the people of Ukraine, demand your immediate resignation as president of Ukraine," it concludes.

On 20 May 20, Volodymyr Zelenskyy took the oath of the president of Ukraine and officially began to fulfil his duties. During his speech, he declared the dissolution of parliament in contradiction to the Constitution. He also made some controversial appointments.

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