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Scoop of the weekend: president's spat with veterans in Zolote

Scoop of the weekend: president's spat with veterans in Zolote
Photo: Gorshenin Institute

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Zolote in Luhansk Region on the line of contact where the disengagement of troops is planned. He entered into a verbal argument with Donbas war veterans who object to the pullback of troops. Zelenskyy said that local residents had complained to him about some armed people staying in the village. While the opponents of the pullback said that the arms were legal, he demanded that they take them away from Zolote.

The deputy chief of the Interior Ministry, Vadym Troyan, reported later on 27 October that "following the meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and a conversation with police, veteran volunteer fighters staying in Zolote-4 with their own legal weapons have taken them away". He added that a group of volunteers are staying in the area without arms.

In an interview with The New Yorker, Zelenskyy insisted that he would not offer tycoon Ihor Kolomoyskyy "any special privileges, and that he would push him, just as he was pushing other oligarchs, to spend a considerable amount of his fortune on social and infrastructure projects". He also said that he was not afraid of offending Kolomoysky or of losing the support of One Plus One TV. "If the channel turns against me after that—well, then we will understand that he doesn’t want to live in a different way," he said.

Zelenskyy has appointed Serhiy Hayday head of the Luhansk regional state administration instead of Vitaliy Komarnytskyy.

Dnipro deputy mayor Mykhaylo Lysenko, who is suspected of embezzling budget funds during the repair of New Bridge, has been put into custody for 60 days. He can be bailed out for over 600,000 hryvnyas.

A vaccinated man in Ternopil Region has been diagnosed with diphtheria, the Health Ministry has confirmed. Fifteen cases of diphtheria were earlier diagnosed among Indian students of the Uzhhorod National University.

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