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Disgraced MP steps down as head of parliamentary committee

Disgraced MP steps down as head of parliamentary committee
Bohdan Yaremenko
Photo: UKROP

The head of the parliamentary committee for foreign policy and interparliamentary cooperation, Bohdan Yaremenko, has tendered his resignation letter.

Earlier, he was spotted texting a woman on a dating service about sex services during a parliament session.

"To save Ukrainian parliamentarianism from me and Ukrainian journalism, represented by the Bukvy website from Articles 163 and 182 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, and taking into account the petty political blackmail by three parliamentary factions, I have tendered my resignation letter as head of the committee," he said on Facebook.

However, he added that he would only forward his resignation letter to the parliament speaker after it is approved by the Servant of the People faction, which may happen in a week.

Earlier, a source in the Servant of the People party told that there was a 90% probability that Yaremenko would lose his post.

When the texting scandal broke out, Yaremenko first said that he was deliberately provoking journalists to fall for a fake bait. However, the Bykvu website, which published photos from his phone screen with controversial messages, posted more photos of his conversations with women at different dates.

Yaremenko publicly apologized to his family and president but threatened journalists with court action.

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